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        What are the Precautions for Outdoor Camping in Spring?

        Feb. 19, 2020

        As a Roof Top Tent Suppliers, share with you.

        "Escape the city" is becoming the theme of this spring. Many people choose to drive to the summer resort by themselves this spring, looking for rare coolness, and spend an unforgettable time in the green mountains and green waters without reinforced concrete and heat island effect with three or five friends. 

        Since talking about self-driving, we can't help but mention camping. With the rise of domestic self-driving tours and the rising consumption level, many families will be equipped with corresponding tents, ovens, sleeping bags and other camping equipment when they buy a private car. 

        Vehicle Awning For Camping

        Vehicle Awning For Camping

        But many friends who came to camp for the first time came back and complained that camping is not good, rest well, eat bad, etc. It seems that camping is also an experience. Therefore, today I will share with you some points that need attention in camping, hoping to help everyone's self-driving travel. Self-driving tour can also consider Car Roof Tent.

        Note one: Find a good camping site, and avoid high altitudes.

        In the era of the mobile Internet, information sharing is more rapid and convenient. Many camping sites have been crowded with tents. Many friends who have been driving late are not only unable to find a suitable open space, but also water points and toilets for daily living. Also queued up. Therefore, before you set off, plan ahead and find camping spots with few people and convenient living.

        A reasonable camping site is also related to altitude. Due to the continuous high temperature this summer, many friends think that the higher the altitude, the cooler the better. But in general, camping is not suitable for places with an altitude of more than 2000m. Excessive altitude not only makes the temperature difference between day and night too great, the humidity is too heavy, which hurts the joints in the body, but more importantly, the tent arrives because the humidity is too heavy It gets wet at night and is not suitable for falling asleep at all. Generally speaking, the most suitable altitude for camping is 800-1500m, and it is relatively dry at night.

        Note 2: The camping site should be near water, leeward, far cliffs, and mosquito and insect repellent.

        Camping rest is inseparable from water, which is the core element of camp selection. Therefore, when choosing a campsite, you should choose to be near the streams, lakes and rivers in order to fetch water. However, the camp cannot be located on the river beach. There are power plants upstream of some rivers. During the storage period, the river beach is wide and the current is small. Once the water is discharged, the river beach will be full; including some streams, usually small. Large floods or flash floods must pay attention to prevent such problems, especially in rainy seasons and flash flood-prone areas.

        Our company also has Vehicle Awning For Camping on sale, welcome to consult.

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