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        Sunday Campers Co., Ltd.
        Sunday Campers Co., Ltd. One of the leader in roof tent Field

        Sunday Campers has started exporting the roof tent since 2006, is the first batch factories which manufacture the roof tent in North China. We are focusing on roof tent so we are professional. Now we have 60 more skilled workers and a 10 people service team, and exported to more than 30 countries, the main market is America, Canada, Europe and Australia.

        Sunday Campers Co., Ltd.
        Owned a mature Production line

        From the raw material purchased, cutting, sewing, assemble and package, we have established a complete manufacturing system to ensure all orders are delivered on time.

        OEM and ODM Orders Welcomed

        With decades crafting experience in roof tent, we can customize the tent according to your design, drawing or samples. Any new ideas, contact us right now to discuss how to build a amazing product.

        Welcome to visit our factory
        Sunday Campers Co., Ltd.

        Cutting fabric line

        Sunday Campers Co., Ltd.

        Sewing fabric

        Sunday Campers Co., Ltd.

        Making the roof top tent base

        Sunday Campers Co., Ltd.

        The finished roof tent base

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